Nursing Case Study Assignment

 Task  Nursing Case Study

Task Nursing Case Study

Task Nursing Case Study

Table of Content

1.1 Introduction

1.2 Writing a nursing case study

1.3 What is a nursing case study

1.4 Sections of a nursing case study

  • Patient’s status
  • Nurses assessment
  • Current treatment and recommendations on improving it
  • Implementation
  • Solutions

A nursing case study is a widely used teaching technique in academic settings. There is currently no evidence to support the use of case studies by hospital-based educators to facilitate improved problem-solving, decision-making, and critical-thinking skills. As an active learning approach, a nursing case study builds on previously learned information. The information allows students to gain a better understanding of the material. Problem-based case studies are the most popular form of nursing case study. moreover, they enable students to create solutions to a given scenario. Case studies, like clinical practice, are often structured to be nuanced and vague. They allow a learner to develop critical-thinking and problem-solving skills.

Writing a Nursing Case Study

When nursing students progress through their education, they can spend even more time in hospitals, as it allows them to gain valuable field experience. And the trainings are accompanied by coursework. The coursework includes one or more case study essays. These aren’t like any other writing assignments you’ve ever had before. Consider the layout of a nursing case study: although precise department guidelines can differ, the elements will be consistent.

What is a Nursing Case Study

Firstly, a nursing case study is an in-depth examination of a patient experienced during a practicum student’s regular practice. Secondly, a nursing case study provides valuable learning opportunities because the student can apply classroom/theoretical knowledge to a real-life scenario and draw conclusions and suggestions. Lastly, as the nursing  case study progresses, it necessitates for extensive methodology preparation, literature reviews, and meticulous documentation.

Sections of a Case Study

There are three large sections – Information about the Patient; The Nurse’s Assessment of the Patient’s Status; and the Treatment Plan, along with Recommendations. Within each large section, there are sub-sections.

Below are the sections;

Section 1.  Patient’s Status

This segment contains the patient’s demographic details, medical history, and current diagnosis, illness, and care.

You’ll talk about the patient here – and you’ll put it down in writing. Do not depend on your memory; instead, jot down everything. You must also clarify why the data is important to use in your research. You’ll need to include the patient’s reasons for seeking medical help, as well as the first signs he or she encountered. Then you’ll figure out what the resulting diagnosis was. The disease’s process/progression given the diagnosis? Include the causes, signs, and observations you’ve made. Describe your responsibilities as a nurse.

Section 2. Nursing Assessment

You will need to make your diagnosis of the patient’s disease. When you make your assessment, be sure to understand why you made each decision. Consider a patient who has been diagnosed with cancer. Difficulty urinating is one of the symptom presentations. You will need to keep track of the urination problem and come up with some possible causes. Then, depending on the possible reasons, you’ll need to come up with treatment choices. And, in this case, how can you figure out what’s causing the problem?

Section 3. Current Treatment and Recommendation for Improving it.

Explain why each treatment is suitable for the disease by describing the treatment – medication, therapy, etc. You’ll also need to talk about how the patient’s quality of life is changing as a result of the treatment plan.

What are the therapeutic objectives? Criteria used to measure performance, and its documentation?

Implementation and Documentation

In this section, it is the responsibility of a nurse to log and treatment activity – time, dosage, etc. – secondly, monitor the progress that occurs or does not occur after the treatment has been implemented. Assume you’re starting a diuretic treatment plan for your cancer patient. What criteria would you use to assess your success? How long would you use the treatment to see if it is effective? And, if it doesn’t work, what’s your next course of action?

This portion of your case study requires you to carefully record and disclose the data you collect. This is the same as any other scientific investigation. Before you make assumptions about the effectiveness of the treatment plan and draw conclusions,  it is important that you must also evaluate the results.

You will make suggestions at the end of this section –

The suggestions could be as simple as continuing the current treatment plan, or you could have done some analysis and discovered that another or additional treatment plan is necessary. Alternatively, you may very well recommend this new treatment plan in this situation. Note that any recommendation you make must be justified, and this typically comes from medical science literature.

Tasks involved in writing a nursing case study.

  • You start by choosing a patient and gathering information about them. Additionally, you also create care plans and gather data to assess the plan’s feasibility before making recommendations.
  • Second, you must compose the final piece. The paper is written flawlessly.

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