This is a quiz…see attachment for question 1 on quiz. Please answer essay questions thoroughly and define words in your  own words, should not be copied.Note: I am a Black female1. Review Levinson’s Seasons of a Man’s Life (if you are a male) and Reinke’s Turning Points (if you are female) or Schaie’s developmental theory of adult cognitive adjustment and early adulthood. Which theory resonates most for you in regard to what you experienced in your own developmental pattern? Why? Give specific examples.2. Define three of the following terms:AcetylcholineAcquisitiveBrain mappingCognitive degenerationDialectical thinkingGamma aminobutyric acidMutation theoryReintegrativeRelativistic thinkingResponsibility stageSynaptic pruning3. Layering of multiple identities is called intersectionality and is the reason for the existence of diverse experiences among groups of individuals with similar cultural backgrounds. What are your various identities? How do these identities shape you? Can you share all of these identities with others? Why or why not?4. Define three of the following terms:Authentic selfCircumscription and compromiseDistantiationEmotional competenceEudemonismHedonismLife-span, life-space career theoryMoral reasoningRelational paradoxTheory of circumscription and compromiseVocational competencies

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