Neuroeconomics- School Dropouts in Egypt


Each student is expected to develop an independent research idea and experimental design. The research idea should relate to issues in the developing world and involve assessing the impact of some development program intended to improve the wellbeing of low income or otherwise disadvantaged individuals/households/groups.

Developing a new research idea can be challenging. Usually new ideas come through reflections on personal experience, topics of personal interest, a careful reading of literature from academic or professional sources, and consultation with others. For this reason, you are encouraged to:

  1. Reflect on your personal experiences and interests related to development.
  2. Read papers assigned for this course.

Excellent research ideas will not only include an assessment of the impact of a particular development program idea but will also seek to address the question of why does the program have an effect. Therefore, students should consider topics raised throughout the course, including the behavioral, mechanistic, and neuro economics topics. Furthermore, students should take into consideration the integral approach when designing their experiments and identifying the outcomes they intend to measure.

For this assignment, students are required to formalize their research idea into a research proposal document. This will be a professional document that could serve as the foundation for a grant proposal or experimental design if the student wished to move forward with their research idea. It may also serve as a primer for a scholarly report if the project were to be conducted. The proposal should include at least the following sections. Some guiding questions are provided for each section to help you think about what goes in each section.

I add all the Idea and only you have to write. Also, I organized everything in word document. So, I choose a topic and it’s not real so will be easy to write what you think and what I want from the word doc.

It’s have to be:

1.Title Page

2. Introduction

3.Experimental Design

4.Econometric Model

5.Data Source

6.Anticipated findings


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