Need IV and V

Submit sections IV and V of the Project Management Plan using the template provided. This work will cover the critical elements risk and budget. Go over the activity in Module Three to help you with this milestone.

Note: The case studies for this project regularly reference the use of MS Project. While MS Project is a software tool that is often used for project management, the focus of this course is to understand the process, not this particular tool. As such, you will not be using MS Project to submit case study assignments. Suggested templates needed to complete the critical elements of the final project are listed in the Project Management Plan Template.

Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:

IV. Risk A. Sources: Identify likely sources of risk for the project. Make sure to consider the project scope, budget, and time. B. Strategies: Determine risk mitigation strategies for the areas you identified. What strategies could you recommend to minimize the impact of the risks you identified?

V. Budget: Develop an initial high-level budget based on the individual costs of the project deliverables. In other words, ensure the costs identified in your budget align with the deliverables.

Guidelines for Submission: This milestone will be submitted using the Project Management Plan Template along with additional required templates and spreadsheets. Any outside references should be cited in APA format, but are not required.

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