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“In the past decade or so, Facebook has served as a tool for people to stay in touch across the globe. The founders and officers of this free app have come up with innovative ideas over the years to boost revenue and keep the company doing great. Granted Facebook is still a step or more behind google, it is hoping to implement new ways of being utilized. As an avid user, I know the advertisements, although a necessary evil for these companies to market themselves, it is excessive, distracting and may not be utilized by many. However, as you scroll past them on the news feed, its contents are etched in some part of the brain so when the time comes and there is a need for the product, it is easy to return to the app in an attempt to recapture it. Whatsapp sharing information of its users with Facebook may cause users to shy away from using the app. As a whatsapp user, there isn’t a way to put ads on the app. Or maybe, there isn’t a way that I can see. Now, if I start seeing ads on Facebook based on my info shared on Whatsapp, I can see myself deleting the facebook app altogether. The company and its leaders should continue to brainstorm and come up with ideas that would not offend the user at the same time, increase their business and encourage non-users to join. If someone new joins Facebook, the ads and videos and news, outside of friends & families’ posts, may be a bit overwhelming, depending on the age of the user or their level of use of technology. Either way, I am interested in seeing what this company with over 1.2 billion users has in store.”

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“The dilemma or challenges that is being brought to light is how to take the company , Facebook, to the next level and promote further growth in revenue. The COO Sheryl Sandberg is looking to find ways to be the basic ‘top dog’ in digital advertising and to keep up the growth with mobile ads, this means trying to keep up with the lead in this race Google. To do this several main questions or more challenges to add to this major one is how to shake off a slowing down advertising?; how can its use newer recent assets to it’s advantag?; can it win back trust from ‘fake news’?. Sheryl needs to find new ways to place ads, the news feed in FB is already packet that there is space limitations of where to put more. This involves the CFO Dave Wehner who has been monitoring the metric or ‘ad load’ for Facebook. For assets to use, the new as of 2014 WhatsApp that Facebook paid for, which was a popular messaging app with 450 million monthly users and now up to a billion could be an door way. If WhatsApp began sharing information on FB users could help deliver btter targeted ads. Another possibility is finding a way Messenger could used – which is its original messaging system. Winning back the trust may prove more of an adversary. FB found it difficult to filter and distinguish real from fake or bogus news/content. An idea is having a third party fact checker come in and help weed out the false stories. Also just my opinion not only a fact checker but if there is news fake reported or false have a notification or mass communication go out to users from that party saying this is coming from so and so, this news false please disregard”

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