Miller Motte College

Scenario:  Flash Forward!  It  is 10 years into the future and you have been working as a certified  billing and coding specialist in a large primary care physician  practice.  You’ve been asked by Miller Motte College to return to the  school and teach the students in the MIBC program how to complete a  CMS-1500 form.  You can choose between creating a PowerPoint  presentation or you can submit a written instructional guide.  Your  project will include an explanation of the CMS-1500 form, why it is  used, and for which patient populations it is used.  You will explain  how to complete each section of the form.  During each Lesson, you will  complete one stage of the project until your final product is submitted  in Lesson 5.

Lesson  1 is a brainstorming activity.  Submit 2-3 paragraphs with your ideas  about why the CMS-1500 is required for medical billing and for which  patient populations it is used.  Also, discuss which format (PowerPoint  or instructional guide) you think you will use and explain why.  You may  also want to mention any barriers you might have to completing this  project and why.  Provide some ideas on how to overcome these barriers.


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