Medical Terminology Online

HLTH 003


Credits: 2.0

Course Coordinator/ Instructor: Michael J. Abajian MD, MPH

Lecturer, Department of Nursing

Office: 219 Rowell

Phone: 656-3770


Office Hours: M-W 12-3 or by appointment

Welcome to Medical Terminology Online! As course instructor, I will be available to guide and support you throughout the semester as you progress through the learning modules. I am available to answer any questions you might have along the way; however, as this is an exercise in independent learning, you will need to keep yourself organized and on schedule so things don’t end up sneaking up on you at the end of the semester. Questions are best addressed via e-mail, phone, or in person on campus during posted office hours. Good luck!

Getting Started:

This course is NOT run through blackboard…This is an adaptive program (Prep-U), meaning the course curriculum is not uniform for every student. The course assignments vary from student to student depending on individual performance.

The Coursepoint class is named “Medical Terminology- Fall 2019 ”

This course is run through the Prep-U adaptive learning program at Coursepoint (Wolters Kluwer / LWW). Go to the URL below to self-enroll in the course.

Instructions for getting started may be found in the CoursePoint Student User Guide.

You will need two codes:

1. The Access Code (Use the ISBN below to locate it and purchase it)

2. The Course Code: 13CB42AD (Specific to this course)

The access code and/or text may be purchased directly through the link below or at the UVM bookstore.

UVM Students URL for Direct Purchase:

Required Text: The Access Code is required to access the online materials. The text is optional.

Medical Terminology: An Illustrated Guide 8th ed. (Wolters Kluwer)

Author: Barbara Janson Cohen & Ann DePetris

ISBN for (TEXT and ACCESS CODE BUNDLE): 9781496354860

ISBN for (ACCESS CODE ALONE): 9781496357014

Required Access Code:

Wolters Kluwer Publishing Company develops and publishes these online learning modules, thus, each student is required to purchase an individual access code as a means for paying royalty to the publisher for its work.

Student Support Phone Number: 1-800-638-3030

This is the publisher’s student support line.

Course Description/Format:

This is an online course developed by Wolters Kluwer / Lippincott Publishing that focuses on the terminology used by medical and healthcare professionals. There is no on campus component.Students become “independent learners” because there are noclasses, lectures, labs, discussions, or meeting times.Students study the online learning modulesand/or the textbook and then take the quizzes designated as “Mastery Level Assignments,”which consists of an adaptive quizzing system.A suggested schedule is provided for these exams to help you avoid procrastination and last minute cramming.

Power Points:

There are power point presentations for each of the 21 modules. These are posted on the UVM Blackboard Site in the event you should want to use them.

Learning Modules: There are 21 online learning modules which are coordinated with the chapters in the textbook.

Each learning module contains:

· A variety of interactive learning activities related to the Chapter content.

· Interactive Prep-U Module Quizzes: Module quizzes (Mastery Level Assignments) are whatthe course grade is based on. The number of questions in each exam may vary between different modules.

· Quiz Grading: You will be able to see the graded results immediately after you complete the exam.

· Saving Answers: Be sure to SAVE each answer (click on “Save”) before you proceed to the next question.


The goals of this course for each student are 1) to have a good grasp of the meaning and spelling of medical terms commonly used in typical health care settings and 2) to develop and practice the skill of time management.

One of the keys to effective communications in the health care field is the proper use of terminology to adequately and accurately describe a clinical situation.

SPELLING: Students are responsible for knowing the correct spelling of medical terms.

FORMS: Students are responsible for knowing the singular and plural forms of terms.

Learning to organize your time is a typical responsibility that we all face in our day-to-day lives. We all need to have a system of keeping track of important deadlines. If we don’t meet deadlines, there are often consequences, such as late-payment fees and poor job performance evaluations.



Section I: Introduction to Medical Terminology

It is suggested that the following exams should be completed no later than September, 30th2019

Online Exam # 1: Concepts of Medical Terminology

Online Exam # 2: Suffixes

Online Exam # 3: Prefixes

Online Exam # 4: Cells, Tissues and Organs

Online Exam # 5: Body Structure

Section II: Disease and Treatment

It is suggested that the following exams should be completed no later than…October, 31st2019

Online Exam # 6: Disease

Online Exam # 7: Diagnosis and Treatment; Surgery

Online Exam # 8: Drugs

Section III: Body Systems

It is suggested thatthe following exams should be completed no later than…December, 4th2019

Online Exam # 9: Circulation: The Cardiovascular and Lymphatic Systems

Online Exam # 10: Blood and Immunity

Online Exam # 11: The Respiratory System

Online Exam # 12: The Digestive System

Online Exam # 13: The Urinary System

Online Exam # 14: The Male Reproductive System

Online Exam # 15: The Female Reproductive System; Pregnancy and Birth

Online Exam # 16: The Endocrine System

Online Exam #17: The Nervous System and Behavioral Disorders

Online Exam # 18: The Sensory System

Online Exam # 19: The Skeletal System

Online Exam # 20: The Muscular System

Online Exam # 21: The Integumentary System

Grading Policy:

Essentially, this is a PASS/FAILcourse (This basically means you can only get an A or an F). What does this really mean?

It means that In order to pass this course, you must complete all 21 module quizzing assignments. The system will notify you of this by checking you off as complete in every module.

The majority of the time, completing a module corresponds to a designated Mastery Level = 4 (approximately)…A Mastery Level = 4 basically corresponds to an A.

Please Note: All Module Quizzing (Mastery Level Assignments 1-21)must be completed by 11:59 pm Friday, December 6th2019.

Please mark these deadlines in your personal calendar where you will be reminded of them. The instructor might send reminders (via Announcements) but it is the student’s responsibility to meet the deadlines.

Note the suggested deadlines…


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