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Medical Terminology

1. The plural form of phalanx isA. phalanxies.B. phalanges.C. phalances.D. phalanx.

2. What term describes a structure located farthest from the surface of the body?A. DeepB. SuperficialC. DistalD. Proximal

3. Adipose is a type of __________ tissue.A. muscleB. nervousC. connectiveD. epithelial

4. Which health care setting provides supportive treatment for terminally ill patients?A. Rehabilitation centerB. Health maintenance organizationC. Specialty care hospitalD. Hospice

5. A patient went into cardiac arrest. The -ac portion of the word cardiac is a/anA. noun suffix.B. plural suffix.C. combining form.D. adjective suffix.

6. The crural region refers to theA. buttocks.B. legs.C. head.D. trunk.

7. You’re asked to change plural medical words to the singular form. Which of the following combinationsrepresents the correct conversion?A. Bacteria, bacteriumB. Ganglion, gangliaC. Criterion, criteriaD. Lumen, lumina

8. Which phrase best describes the pathologist’s report?A. Records the findings of medical imaging, such as X-rays and ultrasoundsB. Contains information obtained during an autopsy, such as cause of deathC. Includes a day-by-day record of the patient’s condition during treatmentD. Relates the condition of any tissue samples removed from the patient

9. Sharnice has otitis. Her _______ is swollen.A. eyeB. throatC. earD. liver

10. Rehabilitation personnel retrain a patient to brush her teeth, comb her hair, and feed herself following aleft-sided CVA that diminishes capacity in her right arm. This is an example ofA. mobilization.B. body mechanics.C. physical therapy.D. occupational therapy.

11. Choose the medical term that uses the combining form meaning stomach and the suffix meaninginflammation.A. ColitisB. EnterrheaC. StomatiaD. Gastritis

12. Cardiology is the study of the heart. Which of the following terms describes the foundation on whichthe medical word is built, which usually relates to the body organ involved?A. PrefixB. Combining formC. RootD. Suffix

13. After the loss of a leg, a patient is fitted with a mechanical replacement and taught to walk with it inrehabilitation. The mechanical leg is an example ofA. cryotherapy.B. prosthetics.C. orthotics.D. gait training.

14. The combining form super/o meansA. above.B. excellent.C. extra.D. in addition to.

15. A 65-year-old patient has a murmur over the apex of the heart. What does the term apex represent?A. FrontB. MiddleC. BackD. Tip

16. Gastrectomy is listed as the principal procedure on the surgical report. You know that -ectomy meansexcision or surgical removal. What part of the medical word does -ectomy represent?A. SuffixB. PrefixC. Combining formD. Root

17. Which of these items will you find in the ancillary report section of a medical record?A. The results of a tissue biopsyB. An account of daily vital signsC. A report from an occupational therapistD. The type of anesthesia used in surgery

18. In what procedure is electrical current applied to a peripheral nerve to relieve pain?A. USB. EMGC. TENSD. PROM

19. What type of information appears in a histology report?A. Presence of cancer in an organB. Tissue structureC. Condition of the heartD. Condition of a particular organ

20. Henry comes to the doctor complaining of dermatitis. What does the prefix tell you about Henry’scondition?A. Henry is having stomach trouble.B. Henry is in pain.C. There is swelling.D. The complaint involves Henry’s skin.