Macroeconomic Quiz

Reminder: Quiz 4 is scheduled for tomorrow (Thursday, November 9, 6:00 am – 11:59 pm). Please see email below.

Reminder: Quiz 4, Thursday, November 9. Open = 6:00 am. Close = 11:59 pm.

Quiz 4 will open and be visible to you at 6:00 am, Thursday, November 9, on LaunchPad. The quiz will close at 11:59 pm. Students will not be able to complete and submit the quiz after 11:59 pm.

Quiz scores will be available to students when the quiz window closes at the end of the quiz period.

I will send the class performance, the frequency distribution, and the study topics for Quiz 5 in a separate email after Quiz 4 has been completed.

Students who fail to submit the quiz by 11:59 pm will have quiz 4 dropped as their lowest quiz score (0) at the end of the semester.

Please read the directions below carefully. Students will be allowed one attempt to submit the quiz. Students will not be allowed a “re-try” for failing to submit the quiz. Since technical errors (such as a power outage) may prevent students from submitting a quiz, students are encouraged to take all quizzes on university computers. In the event of a technical error, IT will be able to verify all technical errors for university computers. Rescheduling quizzes will be allowed only when a LaunchPad system error or a university computer technical error can be verified as the reason for failing to submit a quiz.

Thank you.


Robert Simonson

Quiz 4 Directions:

Please answer each of the following 25 MC questions. (Each question = 1 point.) Once you have started the quiz, the quiz must be completed in 1 hour. There is no “save and return later” feature. Important: Do not hit the “return” button while taking the quiz. Answer the questions in the order provided. Hitting the “return” button will submit the quiz at that point with unanswered questions. Quiz 4 covers topics in chapters 10 – 12. Students will be able to view their quiz scores on LaunchPad after the due date for each quiz has passed.


·Students must complete this assignment by 11/09/17, 11:59 PM CST.

·Students may attempt the quiz once.

·Each student’s first attempt will be counted as his/her score.

·There is a 60 minute time limit for this quiz.

·Students will NOT be able to save their progress and return to the quiz later after starting.

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