Long / short run Aggregate SUPPLY CURVES macroeconomics 210 45A

Week 1: Discussion

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This week we are discussing supply and demand. Let’s talk about the 2 most popular cell phone models: Samsung and iPhone.


What happens when either company proposes a new release of their phone? How may the other company respond? Discuss competition, and address supply and demand.


In the case of Samsung having problems with their new S7 release, how may this impact supply for their product and demand for iPhones? Discuss supply and demand for iPhones in response to the issues with Samsung S7 (there are lots of articles available for you to cite and have details about this topic)

Make sure to use the concepts in the chapter readings in your discussion to obtain full credit. Examples include: opportunity costs, quantity demanded, quantity supplied, complements, and substitutes. Identify which concepts you are using in your post to obtain credit.

These are the questions for this week:

Week 2: Discussion

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Let’s continue with our discussion about the smartphones.

1) How will the problems with Samsung influence:

  • Their long and short run aggregate supply curve

2) How will these problems influence how Apple handles their market?

  • Their long and short run aggregate supply curve

Your post must contain a minimum of 200 words.

Make sure you identify which bullet point you are answering.

Also, do not offer opinions without referencing the reading. For example, if you believe demand goes up, be sure to support it with something from your book.

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