Leadership Assessment Thesis


What personal strengths do you have that would make you an effective nurse leader? What potential gaps might you need to address to improve your ability to be an effective nurse leader?

As a future DNP-prepared nurse, you will be called upon as a leader in your field, a leader in your practice, and a leader in your organization. Throughout your program of study, you will develop the skills, strategies, and knowledge to not only harness this role successfully but to do so at a high level of achievement and performance.

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However, everyone must acknowledge both their own strengths and weaknesses, as a leader, and identify potential areas of improvement to enhance these capabilities.

For this Assignment, you will explore your strengths and potential gaps based on the nurse leadership competencies provided. Review the competencies that best fit into your current nursing role (nurse executive competencies, system CNE competencies etc…). Reflect on potential goals you might set to improve as a nurse leader. You will also reflect on how this goal setting and self-examination will not only improve your nursing practice but also your healthcare organization.

Note: You do not need to pay for the Nurse Leader Skill Assessment at the end of the competencies list provided.

To Prepare:

  • Review the nurse leadership competencies presented in the Learning Resources for this week.
  • Reflect on these competencies, and consider your own personal strengths and potential gaps in relation to these competencies.
  • Consider potential goals for your leadership development in relation to the nurse leadership competencies presented.

The Assignment: (4–5 pages)

  • Explain your self-assessment in relation to the nurse leadership competencies. Be sure to identify your strengths and potential gaps in relation to these competencies.
  • Describe at least four goals for nurse leadership development that you would like to pursue, given the results of your self-assessment. Be specific.
  • Explain why these goals are pertinent to your development as a nurse leader. How will developing these leadership competencies support your healthcare organization or nursing practice? Be specific.

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