Leadership and skills development

This assignment asks you to introduce an audience of novel readers and researchers using their scholarly works pertaining to Equity, Social Justice and Health Disparities caused by COVID 19 pandemic affecting the targeted under resourced Hawaiian ethnic group in the United States.

Specifically, your research will cover 4 areas pertaining to COVID 19 namely:

a) History and content

b) Culture and environment

c) Health Disparities

d) Leadership and skills development

Development of strategies and propose solutions to address identified needs of vulnerable populations in emergencies by involving shared faith, family, cultural institutions, community organizations, healthcare systems and healthcare providers and individuals and the role of government in terms of leadership and skills development.

Should involve mainly the following:

–Programmatic Elements/Activities (at least 3: Is the relationship between activities and objectives clear?

–should be evidence-based with supporting references

–Expected Challenges (at least 3)

–Implication on nursing practice

In 3 pages paper APA format, 3 references within 5 years

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