keep going in your job

I don’t know how you could keep going in your job at that rate. When you describe your workplace setting and environment, the first thing that comes to my mind is “patient safety.” It’s physically impossible for you to be everywhere you are needed as an RN at all times for 33 patients. If just one of your patients falls or has some type of medication error, all of that falls on you. I would worry about losing my nursing license all the time for something happening out of my control but I’d still be held responsible for. I hope you no longer work in those types of settings that just aren’t safe for the patients and you are so unhappy (can’t eat, pee or sit down).

The terms burnout and fatigue are often used interchangably but have distinct differences but both can be attributed to the stressful clinical settings in which nurses in. High burnout scores are more likely to be associated with certain variables such as: fatigue, age and job-related stress. Fatigue can cause burnout (Raftopoulos, Ccharalambous, & Talias, 2012).


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