Journal 7 and 8

Journal 7Part 1: Breakups:For the first journal entry this week, please apply the stages of breakup and relationship dissolution to a past relationship experience. Provide examples of how these stages applied in your own relationship.Stage 1 Breakdown Phase: One partner indicates that there is a problemStage 2 Intrapsychic Phase: One partner has decided that the partner is the source of dissatisfaction.Stage 3 Dyadic Phase: Couples discuss their dissatisfaction with the relationship.Stage 4 Social Phase: Both partners have decided that the relationship can not be repaired.Stage 5 Grave-Dressing Phase: Final decision is made that each partner move on with their lives.Part 2: Bereavement:Reflect on a bereavement experience. This loss can be a break-up, divorce, loss of a friendship, or death. Think about how you felt when you experienced the loss. Where were you? What would you tell the person today? You may write this as a regular journal entry or as a letter. Consider how you coped with this loss in your response.Journal 8Reflect on your experiences with diverse relationships and how your attitudes regarding them been shaped over time.Also, include a final journal entry in which you reflect on the process of writing this journal this term (e.g., what have you learned about your romantic relationships?)

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