Hello  i just wanted to add that among the Iranians several factors are believed to influence health. Among these factors are the Western: I.e. the bio medical concept of disease causation. This is the commonly accepted and co-exist along with any of other attributes of illness. Balance: Similarly, to many cultures they belief that balanced diet is the main contributor of good health. Spiritual /religious: It is believed to originate from punishment from God for sins committed. Gods will (tagdir). Supernatural: These are less subscribed to young generation. Muslims think that evil spirits called “jinn” are believed to cause some illnesses associated with mental health problems, while the ‘zar’ are believed to be the cause of poor mental health. “The evil eyes” are also believed to put a curse on others by just looking at them. This mostly affect children, and it is associated with physical illness. Additionally, the western medicine is very well accepted and sometimes with the traditional medicine. Moreover, use of herb and natural cures is a tradition extending over years in Iran. Traditional specialist administers herbal potions and bone settings. Iranians also use magico-religious articles and religious rituals such as amulets and blue-glazed faience is commonly in eastern Mediterranean (Unaeze and Perrin, 2000).


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