Introduction To E-Commerce – Essay on

This assignment provides you with an opportunity to explain the four infrastructures influencing e – commerce strategy. Begin by selecting an e – commerce out on the Internet, excluding the examples in the textbook. Then, draft a two – page essay tha t explains how the e – commerce’s strategy has been influenc ed by the four infrastructures:

 Layer 1: network technology substrates ,

 Layer 2: transport services and representation standards ,

 Layer 3: middleware services, and

 Layer 4: applications.

If you ar e not sure about the strategy that the e – commerce actually used, then you can make logical estimations or recommendations for how your strategy, for the selected company, would be influenced by the four infrastructures. As part of your explanation, be sure to include how each layer is dependent upon other layers.

There is no need to prepare a title page nor a references page; however, be sure to use Times New Roman, 12 – point font, double – spacing, and one – inch margins.

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