International Marketing plan

To devise an individual International Marketing plan for the UK-based firm “Charlie Bighams” producing and selling homemade convenience food meals throughout the UK via major retailers such as Waitrose, Tesco, etc. Within the Marketing plan you should provide sound justifications as to why the company should seek to internationalise its business/or part of their business and make suitable recommendations on the following key elements:

a) Market choice: Selecting a country/countries to enter for international expansion. Provide ample justification of this choice.

b) Researching the internal and external environments of the company. This research phase is essential since marketing decisions made are only ever as good as the information on which they are based (Tookey, 1964). Thus, the possession of information will be crucial to the quality of the international marketing strategies ultimately developed, which must constantly refer to exact sources of information. However, no descriptive summary of the research findings will be requested in the final report. Instead, an analysis of the information uncovered (for example, using a rigorous SWOT procedure, and/or Porter’s Five Forces model) will be warranted.

c) Developing actionable, realistic, measurable international marketing objectives, which are directly in line with the research results. These should be adequately justified.

d) Designing international marketing strategies (Market entry modes) aimed at achieving the set objectives. At this stage of the report, creativity, realism, and precision will be rewarded. The theories, models, and concepts presented in the recommended textbook(s) and in the lectures will have to be applied to derive international marketing decisions. Indications of how to implement the plan and control for its success should also be included (e.g. concerning product, pricing, distribution and communications operations).

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