In males with urinary inconsistencies dementia

In males with urinary inconsistencies dementia, an overactive bladder, or even those going through alcohol withdrawal, what is the effect of condom catheterization as compared to the use of Foley catheterization on the prevention of CAUTIs a condition referred to as Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infections (CAUTIs)?


Article # Author & Date Evidence Type Sample, Sample Size, & Setting Study findings that help answer the EBP question Limitations Evidence Level & Quality
1 Agrawal, M., Gite, V. A., & Sankapal, P. (2020) Case Study  

· 2 case studies that presented to the emergency department

Evidence of the importance of proper care and maintenance of condom catheters. No


to improve

Level V

Quality B

2 Jabbour, Y., Abdoulazizi, B., Karmouni, T., El Khader, K., Koutani, A., & Iben Attya Andaloussi, A. (2018). Pilot Study  

· 1 case that presented to the emergency department

The importance of catheter management and potential complication of poor maintenance of a condom catheter. Small sample size Level V- High


3 Li, F., Song, M., Xu, L., Deng, B., Zhu, S., & Li, X. (2019) Meta-analysis  

· 23,738 patients and 25 hospitals

The cause of urinary tract infection in relation to prolong use of catheters in bedridden patients. Too broad of sample size Level V

Quality B

4 Majumder, M. M. I., Ahmed, T., Ahmed, S., & Khan, A. R. (2018) Mix method



· No individual studies

The rational and un rational use of the catheter use and what ultimately leads to infection development. No sample sizes. No individual studies. Level V

Quality B

5 Hariati, H., Suza, D. E., & Tarigan, R. (2019) A Pilot Study  

· 82 Patients treated in the General Hospital of Medan

Provides analysis of the risk factors activating CAUTI Small sample size,

lack of completed

data & terminology

Level IV

Quality A

6 Majumder, I., Ahmed, T., Ahmed, S. (2018) Pilot Study · 100 patients with indwelling catheters at Dhiraj General Hospital This study discovered the most known pathogens (E. coli and Klebsiella) to be created by CAUTI’s.



dependent on


interpretation of

primary literature

Level III

Quality B

7 Gnade, C., Storm, D., & Ten Eyck, P. (2017) Qualitative

Interview Study


· 150 patients undergoing major urologic oncology surgery

It encourages the use of alternative methods other than catheterization


Initial sample group not clear,



Level III

Quality B

8 Gnade, C., Wu, C., Ten Eyck, P., Leder, L., & Storm, D. (2020) Quantitative research study  

· Inpatient CAUTI database. No sample study

Measures the catheter utilization and CAUTI rate using binomial scattering and compares the result No sample study Level III

Quality A

9 Advani, S. D., & Fakih, M. G. (2019) Literature



· No sample study. Healthcare associated urinary tract infections

It suggests that the chances of CAUTI to develop into secondary complications is very minimal.



No sample group Level V

Quality B

10 Dehghanrad, F., Gholamzadeh, S., Ghorbani, M., Nobakht-e-Ghalati, Z., Rosenthal, V., Zand, F. (2019)


Quasi-experimental study  

· 330 patients in the hospital setting

It advices the use of standardize device utilization ratio which provides a good surrogate that inhibits damages associated with catheter. No


for improvement

Level IIIHigh




Be sure to include the sample (population of interest), sample size (# of participants), setting (location of the participants)


Advani, S. D., & Fakih, M. G. (2019). The evolution of catheter-associated urinary tract infection (CAUTI): is it time for more inclusive metrics? Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology40(6), 681-685.

Agrawal, M., Gite, V. A., & Sankapal, P. (2020). Penile gangrene: A rare but disastrous complication of the improper application of condom catheters. Journal of Clinical Urology, 2051415820961915.

Dehghanrad, F., Nobakht-e-Ghalati, Z., Zand, F., Gholamzadeh, S., In males with urinary inconsistencies dementia, M., & Rosenthal, V. (2019). Effect of instruction and implementation of a preventive urinary tract infection bundle on the incidence of catheter associated urinary tract infection in intensive care unit patients. Electronic Journal of General Medicine, 16(2), 1–9.

Jabbour, Y., Abdoulazizi, B., Karmouni, T., El Khader, K., Koutani, A., & Iben Attya Andaloussi, A. (2018). Penile gangrene an

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