Importance of Financial Management

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 Year/Trimester: 2021-22/ Semester 2
Module Tutor/s: Sam Bazargan/ M Sajid
Assessment Number N/A
Assessment Type (and weighting) Individual report – 100%
(2000 words)
Assessment Name Importance of Financial Management
Assessment Submission Date Saturday 15 January 2022 at 23:59
Learning Outcomes Assessed:
LO1: Demonstrate the skills and knowledge to interpret basic financial data.
LO2: Demonstrate the skills and knowledge to maintain basic financial records.
LO3: Illustrate how financial data analysis can aid decision-making in business.
LO4: Demonstrate ICT skills in data manipulation.
Assignment Brief:
Produce a report based upon the Case Study provided to answer the following question:
Define and discuss the concept and importance of financial management. Using examples, describe and discuss the processes businesses might use to improve their financial performance.
Your report should include the following sections:-
Section 1
Introduction: Define and discuss the concept and importance of financial management
(10 marks)
Section 2
Describe and discuss the main financial statements and explain the use of ratios in financial management.
(20 marks)
Section 3
i. Complete the Information on the ‘Business Review Template (Ensure that you
display your calculations for this detail).
ii. Using Excel produce an Income Statement for the Sample Organisation (see
Case Study). This should be included within your appendices.
iii. Using Excel complete the Balance Sheet
iv. Using the Case study information describe the profitability, liquidity, and
efficiency of the company based on the results of ratio analysis.
(30 marks)
Section 4
Using examples from the case study describe and discuss the processes this business might use to improve its financial performance.
(30 marks)
Section 5
Your report should be written using proper English grammar and should be referenced appropriately. Each reference cited in the report must appear in the reference list at the end.
(10 marks)
Your report must include at least three books and two journal articles, the use of non-academic websites is not permitted.
Specific Assessment Criteria (See Page 3 for General Assessment Criteria)
Excellent (70%+): The report will be to a high standard. It will provide a comprehensive overview of the concept of management. Particular attention will be given to business objectives structures and roles. It will provide a detailed discussion of the main functions of financial managers within businesses.

It will show a clear discussion of the processes businesses might use to improve their performances and mitigate risks. Referencing within the report will be excellent and used effectively throughout to support the points discussed.

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