Human Connection to Patient Care

After viewing the video

“ ,” whichEmpathy: The Human Connection to Patient Care represents the professor’s views on why we need to have an impact on healthcare, you should find it easy to see that many facets of the system could be changed.

“In my opinion, we need to broaden access, improve quality, and expand the ability to educate patients about the care they are receiving.” -professor.

With this idea in mind, post your own views on what aspect(s) of healthcare you want to change. ________________________________

Assignment Grading Rubric

Quality of Initial Post ● The initial post is on time and of the correct length

(500–750 words). ● All components of the initial post requirements are addressed. ● Course content synthesis is applied. ● References are included according to the Discussion


Organization, Writing Mechanics, and APA Format ● Clearly organized, no or limited writing mechanics and/or APA



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