Human anatomy

Compose 400 words or more discussion to respond the following:List three important cations and anions that serve critical or regulatory roles in the body.Name the most abundant chemical constituent in blood plasma interstitial fluid, and intracellular fluid.How does aldosterone secretion restore normal ECF volume it decreases below normal?Identify the two substances that are most important in regulating the amount of water reabsorbed by the kidneys tubules.Name the two most important factors that alter fluid loss under abnormal conditions.Name the four pressures that control water exchange between plasma and interstitial fluid.Define the term edema. How can tissue inflammation or burns cause edema?Why does the fluid balance depend on electrolyte balance?Define the term PH.Is a solution with PH above 7 acid or alkaline?Does CO2 entering venous blood increase or decrease the PH level?Define the term BUFFER.Identify the two major types of buffers systems in the body. Which buffer system is the most rapid – acting?How does respiratory rate affect blood PH levels?

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