How to correctly compose an explanatory note for a term paper?

explanatory noteLet’s imagine a situation. You wrote an explanatory note and, anticipating bliss, decided to take a rest before the defense. It turns out that it is still early. Because to be admitted to the defense, you must have an explanatory note in your hands.

Let’s try together to figure out what it is, why it is needed, and arrange it according to the rules.

What is an explanatory note, and why is it needed?

“An explanatory note is an official document that is executed in writing and attached to the coursework. It provides structured information on the work, explains each section and research, summarizes the results achieved during the writing.”

Since the note is part of the term paper, its availability and quality of execution are considered when admitting to defense and setting the final grade.

Why do you need to draw up this additional document?

  • So that the certification commission can quickly study the course project, assess its readiness, and admit or not admit the student defense;
  • For a student to learn how to carry out such notes, one may need this skill in the future: to approve development projects, investment plans, etc.

What does the explanatory note consist of?

In most cases, this is a standard set of components in a given order:

  • Title page. Make sure it is completed according to the school’s requirements;
  • Terms of reference;
  • Abstract and content;
  • Introduction, which will present relevance, describe in detail the problems, goals of work;
  • Review of literature on the topic, the subsequent definition of tasks;
  • List of methods used in the research process;
  • Description of the study;
  • Summing up and analysis of conclusions;
  • The final part, where it is necessary to assess the tasks achieved and the goals achieved, lists options for how the results can be used and what are the prospects for such use;
  • List of used literature;
  • Various applications: graphs, tables, diagrams, images, etc.

The structure of the note’s requirements is developed and contained in the department’s methodological recommendations. Therefore, if you need a sample note for a course project, feel free to go to the department to your supervisor.

Requirements for registration

explanatory noteSo that the explanatory note does not raise questions from the examination committee, one must take the following into account:

  • The note should be no more than 30 pages;
  • Write the text in standard Times New Roman 14 point size. Use template headings to design chapters, sections, and subsections;
  • Number the sheets in Arabic numerals (continuous numbering);
  • Title, annotation, and table of contents do not number, but take into account;
  • Start each section of explanatory note on a new sheet, and place the title of the units in the middle;
  • For the rest of the text, select justification;
  • Make sure each table, graph, and other additional information has a title;
  • See if each quote has a source link;
  • Abbreviations should be shortened and given in the text according to the rules prescribed in the manual.

Requirements for the text

The generally accepted style of presentation of a descriptive term note is formal business. It must be adhered to, regardless of what subject or discipline you are writing the work in.

What you need to get teacher approval:

  • Express thoughts clearly and consistently;
  • Give serious and proven arguments confirming the relevance of the course topic;
  • Exclude the use of unverified information;
  • Make sure the conclusions are complete and accurate;
  • Make sure of the rationality of the recommendations given;
  • Check that all measurements and calculations were done in SI.

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