How does rapport-building occur?

Mental Status Exam and Suicide Risk Assessment

Have you had the opportunity to conduct or observe an MSE and/or suicide risk assessment?

· If so, provide a summary of your reactions.

· If not, discuss with your supervisor how you might find such an opportunity. Provide a summary of your concerns, fears, and anticipations for when you do observe or conduct your first assessment.

In addition, consider the following after watching the Mental Status Exam video from this unit’s studies:

· What are your observations of the fluidity of the mental status exam?

· Does the exam present as less or more structured than anticipated?

· What specific questions or observations are noted to collect information specific to the mental status exam?

· How does rapport-building occur?

· What are the basic attending skills you noticed?

Read the following:

· Read Granello’s 2010 article, “The Process of Suicide Risk Assessment: Twelve Core Principles,” in the Journal of Counseling and Development, volume 88, issue 3, pages 363–371.

· Read Polanski and Hinkle’s 2000 article, “The Mental Status Examination: Its Use by Professional Counselors,” in the Journal of Counseling and Development, volume 78, issue 3, pages 357–364. This article introduces the different contexts in which this exam is given.


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