How Do you perceive work in todays World?


Please write a 4-5 page paper where you reflect and articulate what you perceive to be the major sources (since as far back in your life as you can remember) that have shaped your perceptions and attitudes today about the world of Work and your vocation(s) (e.g., your parents, mass media, peer(s), an influential teacher/mentor/coach, etc.). Please follow the assessment criteria and organizational guidelines below.

Why a Vocational Socialization Reflection?

The ways that you are socialized about work/organizational life shape your attitudes, beliefs, and values about work. Raising your awareness of this process can help you develop your understanding about the nature of the environment that has produced how/what you think about the world of work. This is a vital step in tapping into your potential as an organizational member.

Fred Jablin, a respected organizational communication scholar, advanced that people are socialized into the world of work through messages that begin early in life. Some of the main sources of this socializing process are your family, the media, and your peers. We learn to make sense of the world of work, both consciously and subconsciously, through these early messages, which Jablin called the stage of “vocational socialization” in his organizational socialization model.

Assessment Criteria:

  • Introduction (5% of grade): 1 paragraph
    • A thought-provoking attention getter (e.g., a statistic, quote, brief personal anecdote, etc.) that effectively introduces your topic
    • A clear thesis statement (paper’s central idea)
    • A preview of the main points in the body of the paper
  • Body (70% of grade): 3-4 pages
    • Describe major source(s) of socialization in your life (e.g., your parents, mass media, peer(s), a teacher/mentor/coach, etc.)
    • Clearly explain those sources’ significance, and types of messages received from those sources
    • Provide a reflection where you discuss how sources/messages have influenced your attitudes, beliefs, and values about the world of work


4. You can use some of the questions below to structure your narrative:

  • What kinds of messages do you remember you received consistently about work/working/careers/vocation from those sources (?)
  • How has this source (or sources) influenced your attitudes, beliefs, and values about work, working, careers, vocation, etc.?
    • What do you perceive your vocation to be today?
    • Has it changed over time? If yes, what has caused it to change?
    • Explain in detail how those sources helped shape this vocation.
    • As you write this paper, also pay attention to your thoughts and feelings regarding this subject.
    • What are some of those thoughts/feelings? Why are they important to observe for reflection and personal growth?
  • Conclusion: 1 paragraph
  • Organization, Grammar, Style, and Format.

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