Homelessness Case Study

Homelessness Case Study (6 clinical hours equivalency)

Homelessness Case Study (6 clinical hours equivalency)

Attached Files:


In this Case Study, you will meet Mr. George Mayfield.  Mr. Mayfield is a 68-year-old African American male with a past history of hypertension, but has not taken his medications the past year because it was “too much bother” and he “felt fine”. He is seen at your community clinic that serves the homeless. 


1.  Open the Homelessness Case Study (attachment)

2.  DOWNLOAD the Case Study to your computer or laptop.

3.  Read the Case study

4.  Review the grading rubric.

5.  Comprehensively answer ALL the questions embedded in the Case Study.  Each light blue section of the Case study Template must be completed to earn full points.  You must type right into the Case Study Template. 

6.  Save the document to your computer/laptop utilizing this format for the file name (REQUIRED):  Last name_FirstName_NUR4636_HomelessnessCaseStudy

7.  When you have completed the assignment to your satisfaction, upload the document to Blackboard  to the Homelessness Case Study Submission section under Week 6, for grading.

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