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History 100 Assignment

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Term Paper

After choosing your topic, write one paragraph describing how you would approach discussion of your topic and provide your sources as well.  The period of your paper should be within/from early 1500s to present time.  Your topic should be very specific and narrowed down. For example: political events, economic systems, or social issues are very specifics.  Avoid biography!!

The term paper topics will be due on Monday, October 2oth.



1.         It should be between 4-5 pages (typed and double spaced) in length.

2.         Use at least three sources; they should be a combination of articles and

books or books alone, other than your textbooks.  In addition to your three proper sources, you may use Internet sources with the sites that are edu or org domain.

The following site has excellent academic articles that may be useful to you. Scholarly Journal Archive (

3.         Your paper should have an Introduction, Theme/Body, and a Conclusion.

4.         Your paper should contain a Chicago style bibliography of your sources (see )

5.         Use Chicago style footnotes or endnotes when quoting or citing data (see )

6.         Do a spelling and grammar check on your final paper.

7.         Turn your report in by the deadline if you do not wish to be penalized

for an overdue paper.

 ½ letter grade penalty will be applied for each past due day.


The term paper will be due on Monday, November 24th.