high refunf

Aloha all I’m tired of those who have done me wrong which caused me to have a high refunf rate cause they give me copied work which gives me a high turn it in report. To avoid this I would really appreciate to have someone who’s true to do the work and be 100% in errors, grammars, and please no copying work from another source. I greatly appreciate it. 


2 pages, must have 3 schloray Resources. Must be in APA format. 



Healthcare managers and certified medical administrative assistants (CMAAs) need to be aware of the many medical options that are available for patients in their community. 

  • For this assignment, develop a document that contains the community resources for breast cancer patients. 
  • Discuss the steps that will be taken to gather and present the information.  
  • Include a procedure to update the information on a regular basis.

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