1In your initial post, evaluate the report in terms of readability, design, and content, including the following:Which design elements make it easy or difficult to find and understand information?Does it make clear the focus and rationale of the study?Which stakeholders does it seem to be addressed to? How can you tell? Should it have been positioned to reach other stakeholders as well?Does it clearly communicate sound design and implementation? Describe.Which methods of sampling, data collection, and measurement were used?Are findings presented clearly?Are questions of cost effectiveness of the program addressed? How? Can you think of important questions that were not addressed?Are the interpretation findings and recommendations well supported?attachment is for 1 (this)2 Reflect on what you have learned in the course. Describe the three most useful sources of information that you will take away from the course. Discuss how you will utilize this information in fulfilling your work as a scholar and practitioner in the field of program evaluation.–3 ConsultantFor this discussion post, address each of the following:If you had to summarize your learning from this course in just three words, what would they be, and why?What is the most important insight you are taking from this course?What questions do you have about pursuing a career in consulting psychology

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