health policy and laws:

Conceptual Frameworks for the Study of Health Policy and Law

Following are three conceptual frameworks for the study of health policy and laws:

  • Framework one consists of three broad topical domains—health care policy and law, bioethics, and public health policy and law.
  • Framework two consists of three historically dominant perspectives—social, political, and economic perspectives.
  • Framework three consists of key stakeholders in the process.

In this assignment, you will focus on the government’s health’s  immunization laws that were passed to protect children from infectious  diseases.

Using South University Online Library or the Internet, search  articles on the frameworks of study of health policy and law in the  areas of immunization of children.

On the basis of your research and your understanding, write a 3- to  4-page APA formatted essay in a Microsoft Word document. Your essay  should cover all the three frameworks mentioned above. You need to pick  one of the three stakeholders from both framework one and two. Use a  minimum of five stakeholders for framework three.


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