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RESPOND TO STUDENTS POSTSJuanita postThere is a saying “A feast is made for laughter, and wine makes merry; But money answers everything (Bible KJV).” Researchers said winning the lottery will not make you happier. Research hadn’t found any conclusive evidence that people who won large sums of money were happier afterward. Researchers in this study research on lottery winners suggests there is a negative correlation between winning the lottery and happiness. The study measured life satisfaction by asking about participants feelings of their overall life quality. To a certain extent money will give satisfaction for life but after it crosses a limit, money will not be a source of happiness. However, money will give pain through different situations. It may give stress to the person who won the lottery. Money can give a person inspiration to do things that you can succeed. Money alone will not give a meaning of satisfaction, safety and security. When a person is a winner of a lot of money, they may become afraid and worried because your safety is in jeopardy. If I won the lottery, I would ensure my positive outcome by giving to those who are unfortunate, help my community and give to children medical research. These are the things that I was doing before I won the lottery. This is my happiness.Dayna postResearch talks about the negative correlation between lottery and happiness and how many winners felt like losers because it had an insignificant effect of the lottery winner’s happiness. The implied effect for happiness was substantially lower as well. Some lottery winners blow their wealth through reckless spending. The temporary happiness can have a negative effect six months after winning the lottery. The happiness is very short lived and does not affect their well-being or quality of life. They can have a temporary happiness increase and increase in their well-being. But it depends on what they do with the money for example with positive and negative wealth shocks. Being able for something like the lottery to have a positive effect on you would mean that you were already measuring your happiness before you won the lottery. If you were already happy and then if you have an achievement like winning the lottery it wouldn’t necessarily affect you because you were already well rounded when it came to being happy. You didn’t need the lottery money to have fulfillment and your health and happiness was broadly being measured prior to winning. If I won the lottery, how I would ensure a positive outcome would be I first wouldn’t let it change me. I would also not allow it to bring me instant happiness and end up blowing all of it. I would invest it and donate some it so that overtime it could only add to my already happy life.Sandra postA few key strategies to growing a small business is outlined below.Marketing the service or product for a small business is magical to get the business plan out to the public. One way to market is to advertise on your car or truck. I have received many customers with my husband’s business by having his business name, phone number, and contact information on the trucks that he and his crew drive. Small business owners must realize that they are always representing the company that they are growing when driving vehicles with their name on them. The drivers of the cars need to be courteous and kind to other drivers on the road.Advertising a small business helps others to identify who is doing the work at a location. When looking for contractors, most people do not just like finding them on social media; the consumer wants to see the jobs being worked on, and they also want references from their friends and neighbors.Customer service is another strategy that works well. Being kind and willing to go above and beyond your competitors will go a long way in today’s market.Managing builders of custom homes were challenging and slow, and we started over thirty years ago. Today we have many customers and much business it is hard to keep up with the demand of our customers. Our company has an excellent reputation and is still a mom pop shop. We manage the projects from start to finish, we hire all the subcontractors, and we have a great working relationship with our partners. Managing the projects and bringing them in on time is critical to all concerned with the build.My suggestion for small business owners is marketing, hiring the right people for the right jobs. And training all employees to be respectful of the company name; remember they are always in the spotlight and represent the company they work for.Vanessa postA business strategy that could bring in business is to implement an advertisement campaign that focuses on the targeted customer base. This can be done by taking into consideration the demographics of the area, the location of the business and the product, or products offered, and the competition. For example, for a food business, it would imply to research the area of operations to be aware of potential existing competition, the needs of the customers. One way to promote the business would be to offer samples of the products to consumers, as a way to let people try your food before they buy it.Offering samples of your product let potential customers try your product and form an opinion of its quality and what can be expected. Another effective way is to utilize the power of social media to your advantage. Once you get people to try your product and they start to spread the word in social media and word of mouth, that will give an enormous boost to your brand and it won’t cost you too much.

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