FInal Thesis Project (Nursing)

From Professor Amparo:Thesis. Theme:Title: Pharmacological and Parenteral Therapies.Table of Contents :Topics:-Side Effects.-Adverse Effects.-Contraindications.-Interactions.-Pharmacological Pain Management.-Central Venous Access Devices.-Dosage Calculation.-Expected Actions/ Outcomes.-Medication Administration.-Parenteral / Intravenous Therapies.-TPN.Your Leadership presentation :Thesis Title :???–Power point 50 slides.Slide 1-Presentation Title, -Student name,-School name, -Professor name.Slide 2:-Table of Contents.Slide 3:-Objectives.-From Slide 4 to 50:Class, explanation,information ,pictures.-References.-Finally in WordTest with 20 questions with Rationale focus in Nclex.-Focus NCLEXThank you.

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