FINAL PAPERGUIDELINES FOR THE POSITION PAPERPSYC 320TOPIC:Explore a topic of interest within the subject of human development for your Final paper. Be creative and explore subjects that will strengthen your knowledge. Find 2-3 peer-reviewed and scholarly articles that illustrate background information on your chosen topic. Explain your position on this topic. Such as: Do you agree OR disagree with research on this matter, and if so, why? Support your argument with your chosen articles. Explain what kind of knowledge has been produced (previously) and what should be further explored? How can this benefit/harm human development? Suggestion: look for the most recent articles on the topic to understand the current perspective of research and suggestions.GOAL: The goal of this paper is to help you think concretely about one of the central issues related to human development by using the information that you have learned in this course to form your position on the topic of your choice. To provide clear arguments in support of your position, you should include specific examples and evidence. Your examples and evidence should stem from 2-3 scholarly articles and the material assigned in this course (including media, lectures, and textbook).STRUCTURE:Introduction: State clearly your position and the specific types of knowledge and behaviors that you will cover in the paper.Body: Present arguments in support of your position. Make sure to organize the body coherently so that your points and arguments flow logically from one to the next.Conclusion: Summarize your current position and suggest a direction for future research.Reference: List of references used.APA style and 4-5 pages, double spaced. The page limit does not include the title page or the reference page.TIPS:Go for depth rather than breadth.In making statements of your own opinion, make sure to say why you believe something, not just what you believe. You must arguefor your positionrather than just stating it.Don’tjustquote what other authors/researchers/thinkers say about the issue at hand. Rather, summarize the evidence in your own words and use it to inform your current position.While referring to other authors: make sure to say whether or not you support their views, why you find their views convincing (or not), what evidence of theirs you find the strongest, etc.GRADING:Grading will be based on:Clarity and logical reasoning in support of your position.Accuracy of the evidence and examples that you use to support your perspective.Grammar, structure, and appropriate citations/ can do paper on the effect of nutrition on adolescence and why it is important.

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