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Graduation is just around the corner. There are many new challenges that you will be encountering. It is time to think about the challenges that you will be facing as a new college graduate.It is time to think about the past several years and all that you have gained as well as areas that you feel a bit inadequate in. Create a response connecting to the following areas. Each response should be substantial with your thoughts and examples included to create a substantial response. Copy and paste the question and then create your response. The total word count not counting the question should be approximately 450 words total for all areas. Create your response in a word document and submit.Identify your intended career field and discuss 1 preconceived idea you have of how competent you feel with your acquired psychology courses for application in any intended field. (my intended career is Occupational Therapy)Discuss 1 topic that you have discussed and are interested from this class or from any of your psychology classes. Identify the class and the topic and explain how you feel it will impact you within your future career or life in general. Discuss specifics from the topic to include in your explanation.              In my Holistic Health class, I learned about Building Spirituality and Work Balance ( attached a pdf that could help here. Examples of Holistic Good Practices ..Mental Health..)Think about adjectives to describe yourself. Select 3 adjectives to describe your personal characteristics, think in terms of your strengths. Discuss how each of these characteristics will be of assistance to you throughout life and your intended career.                                                                                                       (my 3 personal  characteristics: I am patient, I am determined, I am creative, and trustworthy)Think in terms of weaknesses that you may have. Select 3 areas that you feel you need to improve upon and give an example of how you will improve upon each of these 3 weak areas.(my 3 weaknesses: I lack confidence sometimes, I hardly ask for help even when I need help, I am Lazy at times)resources:

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