female from virgin islands



HPI: 45 y/o female from the virgin islands admitted for the infected left stump. Transferred to ICU for worsening septic shock with respiratory distress. Last night had active bleeding from the stump, surgery at beside. Patient in cardiac arrest x2 with ROSC. 4 units PRBC, 2 FFP, 1 of platelets given.

> PMH: chronic- HTN, PVD, DM, Mitral regurgitation, MI, HFrEF 20-25% (8/17), pulmonary hypertension

> FH: Mother HTN, Father DM.

> SH: Denies use of alcohol, drugs, or smoking.


> MEDS: Metformin 500 mg BID, Metoprolol succinate 100 mg PO daily, aspirin 81 mg PO daily

> Objective

> VS: BP 97/55, HR 98, RR 20, MAP: 69, O2: 100%, Ht: 5’3”, Wt 89 kg, BMI 34.9

> LABS: AST 396/ ALT 63 ^, WBC 14.8 ^, H/H 7.6/30, platelets 350, aPTT 40, Glucose 202 ^, Na 144, K+ 3.9, lactic 10^. BUN 40, creat 3.0. Leg wounds culture: achromobacter. Tracheal aspirate: stenotrophomonas (9/9)

> PE: Anasarca. Mechanical ventilation, diminished breath sounds. Wet gangrene of leg stump debrided. Dry gangrene of right lower extremity. Lines: NG tube, PICC, left IJ.

> Assessment: 1. Septic shock 2. Acute Hypoxic respiratory failure 3. Left stump infection, dry gangrene of RLE 4. Post cardiac arrest 5. Apical thrombus

> Plan :

> 1. Septic shock. Continue vasopressors, levophed currently at 15 mcg/min. Analgesia with fentanyl drip, dilaudid 0.5 mg q4h PRN. Monitor CBC/BMP and lactic levels. Daptomycin to be continued for 6 weeks (from 8/25). Mondays check CKP, ESR, CRP levels while on daptomycin. GI prophylaxis with Pepcid 20 mg IV daily. Glucose checks q8h.

> 2. Acute hypoxic respiratory failure. Continue mechanical ventilation and monitoring of patient oxygenation. Fio2 successfully titrated from 60 to 40%.

> 3. Left stump infection, dry gangrene of RLE. Zosyn 3.375 IV to be continued for 6 weeks from 8/25. Consult ID.

> 4. Pending CT brain post-cardiac arrest.

> 5. DVT prophylaxis with heparin drip (apical thrombus). Continue to monitor coagulation levels.

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