explain two concepts and describe a practice of it


In this class, we’ve been practicing the skills of observing situated practices in the real

world and analyzing them. For this assignment, we ask you to analyze the situated practices of our lecture classroom.

Here are two concepts

● highlighting (Goodwin),

● coding (Goodwin),

For each concept:

● read the article I have attached, explain the concept in your own words.

● describe a practice that happened in our class that exemplifies this concept.


You will receive grades in three areas: assignments, participation, and exams. When we grade assignments we will confer a check-plus, a check, a check-minus, or a zero. A check- plus indicates that we feel you have developed a solid understanding of the material. In letter grades, a check-plus equates to an “A.” A check indicates that we feel you have a passing, but not masterful, understanding of the material. In letter grades a check equates to a “B.” A check-minus indicates you have demonstrated a beginning understanding, but have a long way to go. In letter grades, a check-minus equates to a “C.” Finally, a zero indicates that you did not do the assignment or that you appear to have made minimal effort. Students will receive high marks for their participation grades if they attend sections regularly, contribute to discussion, and demonstrate to their TAs that they are grappling with the material. Students that miss two sections will automatically receive a zero for their participation grade.


The slides the professor used in the class can be seen as an example to describe highlighting concept. In the slides, for example, the professor may choose to highlight some important information using a different color, or to write them down in a separate slide.

Make sure to include richly detailed descriptions that show the reader how the practice you are describing is actually an example of the concept.

Do remember to quote some sentences from the reading I have attached.

Please write 4 pages.

Using simple grammar and words.

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