Explain how you will utilize what you have learned as you progress to practicum.


if you go to this site you will see the test so you can see what I took. You do not need to take the exam.

Determine areas of strength and areas for improvement.

Write a 700- to 1,050-word reflection on your experience taking the exam and your pre-practicum experience, and your plan for working on areas for improvement. Include the following:

Describe your level of preparedness for the exam.

I took the test not knowing what to expect. A lot of new information came up that I have not learned in class. ( you can add more to this as we have never seen this test before in class or any other place.)

Describe how you scored on the exam.

I got about a 65 percent on this exam. I had to read the questions twice and concentrate on words that I have learned along the course of my classes or words that I have heard the instructors mention. I have never seen this exam so I was nervous and a bit scared when I was taking this exam. (you can add more)

Identify areas in which you struggled.

The question about the different kinds of test administered to the clients and what the score means in a test, I need to learn more about them and why they are given. I would like to learn more about this subject.

Math questions were tricky since the math is in a specific order and way they wanted it answered.

Also the theory equation test I had no clue what that was and I did goggle it to learn more about it.

I struggled a little on question like had to do with Adler, Myers-Briggs theory and other questions along this base because we only learned so much about them in class that I need to take more time to learn more about them.

Describe how you plan to improve in the areas in which you struggled.

I plan on taking preparation exams to help me learn new things that I will need to know and also learn for any exam in the future. Also by looking up the missed questions and studying them so I can know more about the what was said. (you can add more to what I mentioned here )

Describe the progress you made toward your stated supervision goals during practicum.

With the help of my supervisor I was able to achieve the goals I had during my practicum time. My supervisor along with the staff and other practicum students made me feel comfortable during this process. I took a lot of notes that will help me in the future and with my upcoming Pre-Practicum. As a student I will continue to learn during my time in Foundation in Recovery. (you can add more)

Explain how you will utilize what you have learned as you progress to practicum.

I have learned how to properly do group sessions with men in recovery and have a better understanding about their addiction and why they are where they are. Addiction can be hard to overcome unless you are in a good support group, getting the help you need need and also going to sessions help the addict when they are in a recovery program. (you can add more)

These are men who are addicted to drugs and alcohol and are there court ordered or by their probation officer. They are in recovery for 6 months to 12 months depending on how long they chose to stay. They get services from behavior health department, AAA meeting group session that are given at the center, the staff also gives group counseling and myself along with other practicum students.

Format your paper according to appropriate course-level APA guidelines


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