experienced nurse educator

By the end of week 2, you will identify and arrange to interview an experienced nurse educator about the trends in nursing education that she/he has observed or experienced during her/his career in education. You will also develop 15 interview questions.

· Who does the interviewee teach?

· What does your interviewee teach and where?

· Trends and changes in nursing education as experienced by the person you interviewed.

· Your interview questions will depend on the method of interview (formal or informal, face-to-face, or online web meeting/conferencing) and the specific area the nurse educator is practicing.

· Word your questions clearly and concisely.

· Ask open-ended questions.

· Begin the interview with simple, factual questions that are easy to answer (icebreakers). This will help put the nurse educator at ease and help you establish a rapport. For example:

· You may ask about qualifications, credentials, expertise, experience, level of education, responsibilities, and/or a typical day.

· You may wish to ask questions that elicit feedback about how the person became interested in nursing education, how education was selected as a career path, and what steps were taken to become a nurse educator.

· Next, seek information about personal experiences and opinions, such as:

· Teaching philosophy and goals related to nursing education

· Experiences with curricula

· Experiences with evaluation

· Ways of knowing that student goals are met

· Ways of engaging and/or enriching student learning

· Outlook on the future of nursing education

· The most effective teaching strategies

· Positive experiences in teaching

· Challenges faced as a nurse educator

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