Evidence-Based Practice (EBP)

Evidence-Based Practice (EBP)

To start the quest of integrating knowledge of research methods and evidence-based practice (EBP) into your professional nursing area, it is important to develop an understanding of how research methods and EBP are different but interrelated. Research results are of no value if they are not used as evidence to guide the selection and implementation of nursing practice. Evidence-based practice cannot occur without quality research results. To start this lesson, foundational explanations of research methodology, quality improvement projects and EBP will occur, and then the impact of each will be considered.

Outcomes, Objectives, and Concepts

Course Outcomes with PO Weekly Objectives with CO Main Topics and Concepts
1.        Integrate evidence-based practice and research to support advancement of holistic nursing care in diverse healthcare settings. (PO 1)

2.      Integrate knowledge related to evidence-based practice and person-centered care to improve healthcare outcome. (PO 1,2)

3.      Demonstrate professional and personal growth through a spirit of inquiry, scholarship, and service in diverse healthcare settings. (PO 1,5)

4.      Develop knowledge related to research and evidence-based practice as a basis for designing and critiquing research studies. (PO 1, 6)

5.      Analyze research findings and evidence-based practice to advance holistic nursing care initiatives that promote positive healthcare outcomes. (PO 1)

·         Research and Evidence-based Practice

·         Integration of Quality Improvement, Research and Evidence-based Practice

Learning Success Strategies

  • Are you finding new terminology in your reading? Consider beginning a research terminology index card file or a Word doc, alphabetized.
  • Do you work better when you are able to talk about concepts, ideas? Perhaps reaching out to peers and forming a study group would be helpful.
  • Is researching databases something you would like to get better at? The Chamberlain College of Nursing librarians are there to help! Use the course Library to set-up an appointment around your schedule.
  • Last, be sure to stay in touch with your course faculty.
  • What is your learning style? Are you a writing, process person? Rewriting notes and talking about content may be best for you. Whatever your style is identifying it early and creating a plan that suits your style can be very helpful. There are multiple learning style questionnaires available online which may be useful for you to explore.
  • Your first paper is due in Week 4, for more information go to the Week 4: State of the Science Quality Improvement Paper


 Evidence-Based Practice (EBP)

Evidence-Based Practice (EBP)

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