Evidence-based practice (EBP) is an essential aspect

Evidence-based practice (EBP) is an essential aspect of clinical practice. Evidence-based practice refers to the idea that clinical practices should be highly based on scientific evidence. EBP involves the knowledge and the ability of a given individual to carry out judgment which is acquired through professional and training experiences. Examples of evidence-based practices involve oxygen utilization for patients infected with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease. Also, evidence-based practices are depicted in the measurement of blood pressure noninvasively in children. Evidence-based practice is important in clinical practice as it aims to provide effective care to the patients and improve the outcomes of these particular patients. Evidence-Based practice constitutes three components which include Proper external evidence, individual practitioner clinical expertise, and the preference of the patient. However, many individuals tend to confuse this concept of evidence-based practice with theory and research. The paper puts into consideration this aspect and explains the interrelationship which exists between evidence-based practice, theory, and research. However, the paper Discusses every aspect of entailed within research from various peer-reviewed articles by different individuals. Moreover, it discusses the health outcomes from the peer-reviewed articles and the various implementation strategies in the health care setting. Lastly, it discusses the credibility of the peer-reviewed articles and the specific research done on the given articles.

The interrelationship between Theory, Evidence-Based Practice, and Research

There exists a great interrelationship between theory, evidence-based practice, and research. By definition, Evidence-based practice refers to the practice of clinical aspects with the utilization of scientific evidence (Grove, 2018). Theory on the other side refers to the abstract thinking about a given phenomenon or the results that come from thinking of this given phenomenon. However, research can be defined as a systematic activity that is undertaken to increase the knowledge of a given phenomenon. It involves collection, organization, analyzing of a certain aspect thus increasing the stock of knowledge on this given aspect. All three aspects involve a phenomenon that is being dealt with differently. Through carrying out clinical practice using evidence-based practices, research questions together with the knowledge of a certain theory are generated.Evidence-based practice (EBP) is an essential aspect

The knowledge acquired through research guides the clinical practices and builds the individual’s knowledge through the development of theory. Theory gives the guidance used in research and as a result improving the clinical practices of the different individuals. The relationship between research and theory is that research leads to the generation of more knowledge which is utilized primarily in most of the theories. The relationship between research and evidence-based practice is that research utilizes a specific method to develop new knowledge about a specific phenomenon. The evidence-based practice applies the knowledge obtained from research in the making of patient care decisions. Understanding this aspect is essential as an individual ought to understand the concepts differently, the interrelationship existing between them, their importance in clinical practices, and their application in real-life situations. By doing this, it improves clinical practice by a larger percentage.

developed and are essential to be utilized.


Evidence-based practice is essential for utilization in clinical practice. individuals should therefore work in their clinical practices by utilizing evidence to avoid messing up with any procedure that might compromise the life of individuals in health service organizations. Individuals need to learn to differentiate between theory, evidence-based practice, and research since they tend to be confusing for any individual who is not keen on distinguishing them.


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