Essay Addiction Models- 600 words

Discuss in detail the essential features of the three models (bio, psycho, social) of addiction addressed this module/week. Consider then how the “Disease of the Human Spirit” fits or does not fit within the models already discussed. Discuss the addict and spiritual bankruptcy/void of a relationship with God. In what way does your biblical worldview and/or biblical insights impact the way you respond to the previous questions? You can use other sources.Book to use:Clinton and Scalise (2013): chs. 1, 8Doweiko (2015): chs. 9, 25–26Please look at the grading rubric when completing this paperDO NOT write opinions, but support your answers to the questions by your readings.This paper is going to be submitted to safelink for plagiarism check.Please make sure that you review your APA manual/website below for tips. Every assignment should be written in APA format.  You should always include a title page, a proper introductory paragraph, subject headings, paragraph format in double space with indentations, and a proper references page.  Please see this APA website for more assistance:

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