Emotional Intelligence Analysis

Click the self-assessment link called “”Self-Assessment: What is your level of Emotional Intelligence”. Write a paper starting with an introduction, then a body with your discussion (should include part 1 &2 mentioned below) and end with a conclusion.For part 1: Summarize the results from the self-assessment – it should be outlined properly.For part 2:i) Develop a written plan to improve the areas for improvement as mentioned in self-assessment– it should be clearly outlined, discussed and analyzed thoroughly.ii) Also, you should discuss and analyse about include other 3 sub-components were the scores high- you should define how we can continue to work on enhancing these components, because EI will increase if it’s been practiced regularly.iii) Recommendations- precisely target each area for improvement identified, each recommendation should be – specific, action-oriented, concise and clearly written, realistic and feasible, supported by research.iv) Strictly avoid general recommendations which could be applied to almost any person. Focus on my results.At the end of the paper include a short conclusion.In order to get A and B level grades, you must demonstrate knowledge of frameworks and studieswithin the content of the textbook and in-class explanationsin your report and provide a relevant set of recommendations,precisely targeting specific areas for improvementyou identified in your self-assessment.Requirements:· Report must include 2-3 citations and references including your textbook.All sources must have: authors, publication dates, and publishers.· Report must include: introduction, main body (which includes a written plan to improve the areas that needs improvement), conclusion.· Report must exhibit good writing, research, and analytical skills, appropriate for an MBA-level paper· Report must be written in the formal style.Avoidsharing personal experience for this assignment.Avoid/limitusage of charts, diagrams, and other visual components, instead concentrate on making your ideas coherent, relevant and convincing.· Your paper should be structured following APA (7th Ed) guidelines

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