elementary school teacher

A 28-year-old elementary school teacher begins to exhibit uncharacteristic behaviors such as having multiple sexual partners, engaging in compulsive online shopping, barely sleeping, dressing in a more provocative fashion, and attending frequent “wild” parties. Friends and family report these recent behaviors as “totally unlike her,” describing her as a normally conservative, responsible person. Her cousin, who lives nearby, becomes concerned and accompanies the woman to a Crisis Unit where she is subsequently diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and admitted to a Mental Health Unit.

Initial Discussion Post:

Address the following:

· What is the priority RN action for this client?

· Which medical concerns may be significant, considering this client’s recent behavior?

· Discuss what the RN would teach the client about Bipolar Disorder.

· Provide two nursing diagnosis statements (each statement must include an actual nursing diagnosis (no risk-for diagnoses), related factor and as evidenced by) that might apply to this client.


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