Econometrics research paper (statistic analysis)

General Outline for the Contents of the Research Paper: (2000-2500 words)

1. Cover sheet should include: title of the paper, your name, your co-author’s name, an abstract of the paper (max 100 words)

2. Introduction / Motivation / Literature Review: a. Economic issues or questions to be analyzed i. Why are these issues interesting / important? ii. What does economic theory tell us about these issues? iii. What are existing hypotheses that you wish to test? b. Existing work i. What other work has been done on these issues and what are the current findings? (literature review) (400-500 words)

3. Model Specification: a. Data source, type and description b. Description of economic theory that leads to your empirical model specification c. Empirical model specification, including the statistical properties of the explanatory variables and error terms d. Specification of hypotheses you wish to test and their economic implications e. Description of your methods of estimation and how you make statistical inferences

4. Empirical Results: a. Descriptive statistics of the data b. Report on the estimation and test results (use tables / graphs) c. Interpretation of your results

5. Conclusion: a. Summary of the motivation, model, data, empirical results and the overall contribution of the paper

6. References

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