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Prepare a 5-minute presentation supporting a single point on a topic of your choice. The presentation will be given live in your classroomSubmit a preparation outline based on the University of Phoenix Material: Supporting One-Point Outline.(ATTACHMENT)Choose three types of supporting materials to support your point.Develop a 3-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation to highlight the supporting material. Research skillful handling techniques for effective use of language and supporting material. This assignment stresses audience analysis and adaptation.(INTRODUCTION, REFERENCE ANDD CONCLUSION SLIDES ARE EXCLUDE)Present your one-point presentation by delivering it in class, or by submitting the video podcast online.This week’s speech is graded on the following subheadings:Audience and TopicDelivery: Voice and Body LanguageIntroductionBodyConclusionVisual AidsLanguageOverall EvaluationWeek Fourusername jsuanlouissaintpassword Million12

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