DISSERTATION- Continuation

This is a continuation of the Dissertation project. The DISSERTATION is Attached.o The Ten Strategic Points needs to be completed by filling out each strategy based on the actual project. Must ensure to fill it out so that it is all CURRENT and brief. They are1. Dissertation Topic2. Literature Review3. Problem Statement4. Sample & Location5. Research Questions6. Phenomenon7. Methodology & Design8. Purpose Statement9. Data Collection10. Data AnalysisOn page 6, Background fill in the sections. Must discuss how the problem has evolved historically into its current form.The Definition of Terms would need to align exactly with the paper or what you wrote need to be added to the paper. It also needs REFERENCESMust define the phenomena in the study.Must support definitions with citations from scholarly sources, where appropriate.o Alignment Table- Must copy and paste all pieces into it.o On page 20, Identification of the Problem Space- Must add REFERENCES in some places.

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