Discussion Board

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mwbw9KF-ACYPrompt:After the advent of the Internet, plagiarism has become much more of a problem all over the world than it was before. Discuss this using the two points below:Do you think the video “A Plagiarism Carol” works to get the message across, and in what way?Discuss your own experience with plagiarism, and or/ how you avoid being tempted to plagiarize others’ words, art, photos etc., even on social media.Rubric:Directly and completely post a response to the prompts in a minimum of 150 words or write as much as necessary to answer the promptPlease give a thoughtful response in more than one sentence.Give the reasoning behind your comment(s) and/or add to the information.Use standard American English grammar and spelling,  with adequate sentence structure, correctly punctuating, capitalizing, and spelling.

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