discussion #6 disease

Our textbook and course folder contain examples of different ‘lines of questioning’ when working with chronically ill patients.Our text offers detailed examples of both standard and intensive treatment strategies and the content folder contains two articles featuring prominent authors in the area of CBT interventions for Chronic Illness (our textbook author Len Sperry and well-known health psychologist Craig White). Dr. White’s article provides a more traditional view of CBT principles applied to therapeutic interventions for chronically ill patients, while Dr. Sperry’s article proposes a line of questioning stemming from a modified Cognitive Behavioral Analysis System of Psychotherapy.These readings contain a list and examples of therapist-guided inquiries that could serve as ‘maps’ for intervention. After reading both articles and reviewing our course materials, describe which line of questioning you would likely find more acceptable if you were apatientexperiencing difficulties withIllness Acceptance. Please provide examples/details to justify your view.

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