discussion 5

1) Engage in positive interventions,Meditation (5 min)(Links to an external site.)exercise (reflect)2) Write a Gratitude Letter (page. 39 in the textbook)3) Reflect on the experience in light of what you learned from thetextbook chapter 9 (required!)Make sure to include (1) main points of the chapter/articles/videos (please summarize in your own words and do not list!) and (2) your own reaction to the author’s ideas. Keep in mind that your personal reaction should be more than your mere opinion. You should be critically evaluating the ideas presented and integrating these ideas with evidence and information you learned from the assigned class materials.Post your response (300 words minimum)Use this video and the article and book chapter 9 attached.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ozyr7jVucz0

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