COLLAPSEClass,Here are some more practice questions. Can you name the IV and DV in the examples? Give afew a shot! :)1) The higher the temperature of water, the faster an egg will cook.2) An investigation was done to see if keeping the lights on for different amounts of time each day affected the number of eggs chickens lay.3) The time it takes to run a kilometer depends on the amount of exercise a person gets.4) Grass will grow taller if it is watered and fertilized a great deal.5) An investigation was performed to see if corn seeds would sprout at different times depending on the temperature of the air in which they were placed.6) The amount of algae growth in lakes seems to be directly related to the number of sacks of phosphate fertilizer sold by the local merchants.7) Lemon trees receiving the most water produce the largest lemons.8) The amount of pollution produced by cars was measured for cars using gasoline containing different amounts of lead.9) Students in a science class carried out an investigation in which a flashlight was pointed at a screen. They wanted to find out if the distance from the light to the screen had any affect on the size of the illuminated area.10) The score on the final test depended on the number of study questions the student completed.

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