discuss trends that may affect their chosen companies and possible impacts on their branding image and business success.

1.Dear Class,

My name is Qingwei Hou, I am from China. I have an English name Kelly which is easier for people to read and remember. It was nice to meet you guys all yesterday, and thank you for sharing such interesting thoughts, experiences, and stories! I am in the Operation Management and Supply Chain program, hopefully, I can finish it by the coming April. As I introduced in the class, our company is B2B platform based in Beijing, China. Before we rebuilt our business model, we are a traditional international trading company just like our current users. 2015, we started to notice the information asymmetry and the demand for both Chinese importers and foreign country exporters.

How Business Structure Changing Affects Employees’ Behavior?

1. Changes

New business model means new business structure. Before, everyone in the company took different tasks from different departments. Department is cooperating with other, for example, after ocean shipping, the land shipping department has to take over; before ocean shipping, the finance department has to get their job done. The entire working environment is warm, friendly, employees all have a good relationship with each other. However, this kind of situation couldn’t continue. With the new business model, all the departments were dissolved only kept one “sales department”. The new strategies——“All in” asked the entire company, every employee has to reach out to potential clients, introduce this platform and trying to recruit new users. The payroll system was also switched from salary to base salary + commission. As a manager, I noticed this change had affected employees behavior, performance, attitude and ultimately affected the company’s behavior.

2. Different Reactions

Some of the employees are willing to accept the challenge and start to put effort to find a new way to achieve company’s requirements; Some of them left the company and join the competitors because they feel this is not the original work they want to do. Some of them are willing to try but don’t have the ability like one of our digital/social media marking designer, who is very talented to AD, but sales are not the one he is good at. Further, someone is very happy about the commission, but for those who are not good enough to earn the commission, the base salary also brings them more financial stress.

3. Result

As a result, only some of employees are willing and capable to bring new users to the business, which limited business expanding. Further, the relationships among colleagues are competition instead of cooperation, sometimes two or even three sales are working on same one clients; they started to refuse to share information and work on own stuff, which did slow down company’s business.

Human behavior is unpredictable in an organization. If a company is unable to understand that behavior and to manage in a scientific way, even some individual behavior will affect organization ultimately.


2.Hi every one. It was nice to meet you all last Tuesday. I’m looking forward to working and getting to know you all a bit better. I’m Chris, 32 years old, working for a major global elevator contractor. I have had the pleasure of working up and down the east coast. The last time that I was in a formal classroom setting was 2009 so I presume that there will some differences in how this class works compared to my last frame of reference.

For the purpose of this discussion I will be focusing on branch level operations in lieu of the national or global reaches that I am not the most familiar with.

The branch I work with is a small office supporting the Maine, New Hampshire and, Massachusetts areas. There are six office personnel reporting to a branch manager. In addition to the field personnel that averages about twenty-five elevator mechanics. The six office personnel are report into different functions such as new construction, modernization, service sales and open order. Each of these categories is directly reported to the branch manager that is responsible for the reporting to the company.

The office personnel work in teams and have broad ranging responsibilities. Account manages are responsible for getting new customers, selling open order and selling modernization project to existing customers. Service manages are support for the account managers providing them with accurate estimates on potential projects and ordering most material. Field employees are the most integral component of our organization. Often times they are the ones fixing and installing components in conjunction with the customers wishes. Often times the mechanics are the best source of information on how we can implement a sales strategy to benefit both the customer and our organization.

In conclusion, all the team members of the branch are dedicated to provide quality communication between both internal and external parties. When this communication is effective, it results in a strong relationship between our varying types of customers and the internal teams that support the function of a growing market share in the region.

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